Sheer Thong Micro Bikini Photo Gallery - Dez At Lake Mead

Thong Micro Bikini Photo Gallery

Ebony beauty Dez couldn't wait to show off in her new white Sheer Thong Micro Bikini at Lake Mead. She loved the feel of the breeze blowing through the transparent sheer fabric in the hot Nevada sun. She said she felt like she was nude and free.

Ebony Beauty Dez Sheer White Thong Micro Bikini. Dez smile big as the wind blows through her sheer thong micro bikini. Lake Mead is a great back drop for Dez in her thong bikini.
Her sweet shaved pussy makes a great camel toe in her tight thong bikini bottom. Dez's amazing big round ass looks so sexy with her Ebony skin contrasting the sheer white thong.
Smoking hot booty shot from below of Dez in her new thong micro bikini.
Great close up photo of her sexy round ass. Extreme close up of Dez's great camel toe. She pulls out her thong bikini bottom and shows her smooth shaved pussy. Legs spread squating showing a nice view of her pierced nipples and pussy showing through her sheer thong micro bikini at the lake.

Dez's deep dark skin looks incredible contrasting the bright white thong. You can clearly see her pierced nipples showing through the sheer bikini fabric even completely dry. This thong bikini all but disappears completely when its wet. Her smooth shaved va jj forms a sweet camel toe in her tight thong bikini bottom. Her nice round booty looks amazing framed in the thong and highlighted by her cool ass tattoo.

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